Day Time Weddings

Day Time Weddings

August 28, 2019

Considering a daytime wedding? Here are the pros and cons.

Why not a daytime wedding?

When most people think of going to a wedding, they think of a ceremony at sunset followed by dinner and dancing. Daytime reads backyard bbq and evening relays fancy and dressed up. Since it is the most likely the biggest and most expensive party you’ll host, most automatically want to go for the gusto and splurge for dinner with music they think. But truth be known, you can achieve the same extravagance during the day! To leave a memorable impression for your guests, here are the pros and cons to consider and act accordingly.

Pros of a daytime

More availability:

Most venues and vendors will book in the evening so you’ll experience better and more time slots open. Thus, providing you with better and more options to throw your nuptial party. 


Less expensive:

Venues and vendors charge less or are more open to negotiations for an afternoon affair. They figure they can squeeze in two parties for the day so it’s a bonus.


More time with guests:

You have more time in the day to enjoy your family and friends. After your hosted daytime wedding, you’re open to inviting guests for a post-party (hosted or unhorsed) gathering. Overall, you’ll be spending more quality time with each person because you’ll have more hours to do so.


You can enjoy the view longer:

Evening affairs can only enjoy the ocean/mountain/valley views for a couple of hours whereas a view is available for enjoyment the entire time. You can’t see the ocean after sunset!


Less drinking/drunk people:

People drink less during the day. This DEFINITELY helps with your bar tab.


Cons of daytime

More casual atmosphere:

Automatically a daytime soirée vibes an understated less and glamorous party. Sun hats and short dresses versus long dresses or gowns for ladies and trousers with blazer versus suit or tuxedo for men. Casual may or may not be less memorable.


Less dancing:

Cutting the rug, so to speak, is less natural during the day so you have more resistance to an all-out party on the dance for the floor.


More planning involved:

You’re now left with an early finish time. What will your invited guests do now? It might be obligatory to organize a (hosted or un-hosted) after-party or evening gathering for out of town guests.


Adding extra entertainment:

Because fewer people are drawn to the dance floor during the day, you leave them with a sense of emptiness in the entertainment department. It’ll be evident that other forms of entertainment such as lawn games or a special cultural dance performance are needed.


Less drunk people:

Some people associate getting tipsy with having fun. If they are less tipsy, they have less fun.

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