Ringing in the New Year with Style!

Ringing in the New Year with Style!

December 30, 2018

NYE Fashion Tips

Men's Wear

Sequence jacket & tuxedo pants. Wear the jacket alone or with a sexy silk cami. I would pair with a patent leather brogue or pretty satin ballerina flat. Balance this with a feminine long sparkly earrings and romantic Bridget Bardot hair. 


Ballerina Babe

Ballerina midi skirt & velvet crop top. Glittery round toe pumps and sparkly eye lids would pair perfectly. A sleek leather jacket will balance out the girly-femininity.


Channeling Audrey Hepburn

I love a metallic thread brocade tapestry 1950’s inspired dress. The fit is important. If it’s truly vintage, be sure to get it custom fit. Hair should be romantic vs. pulled back tight. A loose bun or beach wavy hair will make this look feel contemporary not period-like. Throw on a fur and long sparkly earrings.

Leather Mama

Leather pants with crisp white shirt and sparkly bra exposed. Heavy sparkle eye shadow to match the bra would kill! Nothing sexier than tight leather or vinyl pants and a men’s crisp button-down. Incorporating the sparkly elements conveys “special occasion”. Try a bright and bold lip, too.


Jacquard crop top and wide legged trousers. This is as easy as a dress, but separates you from the commoners. You will get noticed because it’s sexy as hell and NOT a dress.


Tulle or Organza midi dress. Point here that you have a see-through dress. Wear with a slip if you’re conservative or an awesome full coverage bra and high-waisted underwear set. Pair with a chunky motto jacket and sleek booties or over-the-knee boots.


Mini sequence skirt and a solid cotton tee or silk shell. Take it up a notch and pair with sparkly tights and strappy heels. You’re calling attention to dazzling the heck out of your bottom half and then play “casual” on top. Let’s go simple gold or silver earrings and pair with a fluffy crop sweater that you can remove when you arrive.

What NOT to do:

Don’t wear animal prints. Although they are sexy, it doesn’t convey “glitz”.

Don’t you even think about wearing jeans or denim. Too casual. You have 364 other days to wear denim so skip it tonight.

Don’t glitter up everything. Choose your clothes or makeup: not both.

Don’t wear floral maxi dresses - too "garden party" and this is the opposite.

Don’t wear combat boots … unless they are pink or sparkly!

Extra Points If...

You wear anything other than black.

Your date “goes” with your outfit (but doesn’t match).

You show with hair in an “up-do” and you leave with sexy beach waves.

You come AND go with your smart leather moto jacket (in other words, don’t go losing anything because you’ve had too much fun!).

You are safe and designate a driver/Uber home.

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