Your holiday cruise packing list

Your holiday cruise packing list

September 04, 2019

Cruise fashion is a thing all its own.

Because it’s different than any other kind of travel, what to pack is of particular interest. 


First, pick a color theme:

Black or Brown. I usually choose which color foundation and include all coordinating pieces to match it.


Second, reuse your clothing:

Most people forget (or ignore) that you can (& should) reuse some of your clothing pieces. For instance, if you wear a long black maxi skirt with heels for dinner one night, that same skirt worn with a cotton tee and sneakers looks chic for daytime.


Another example:

Your swimsuit coverup can be a chambray button-down that doubles as a light shirt-jacket over a summer dress or worn with updated wide legged high waisted trousers for an outing.


Third, don't overpack:

Just like you want to keep room in your calendar for a spontaneous dinner or visit to a museum, you want to keep room in your suitcase for a memorable piece of clothing. Overpacking makes it difficult for you on many levels so be decisive, pack only what you really need and leave space for the unexpected!


Here’s what to pack for your cruise:

2 swimsuits & cover-ups (one coverup can be a great button-down shirt @currentelliott)
2 workout outfits @nordstrom 
2 pairs of comfy shoes (one pair of flats  (perhaps ballet in style @chloe) and one trendy sneaker that can double for workouts @balanciaga)
2 dressy pairs of shoes (one high heel strappy @SigersonMorrison and another chunky stacked heel clog @rachelcomey)
2 types of moisturizer (one with SPF for day and a super moisturizer for night @skinresourcemd)
2 dresses (one that can double for evening and another middy that is light and packs easy @gucci)
2 bottoms (one pair of skinny jeans @ragandbone and a wide-legged trouser)
2 dressy tops (one solid, one pattern @isabelmarant)
2 casual tops (one solid, one pattern)
2 t-shirts (one long sleeve and one short sleeve @currentelliott)
2 sweaters (one with sparkles that can double for evening and one cozy oversized version that can be worn with yoga pants or skinny jeans @freepeople)
2 hats (one sporty ball cap and another wide-brimmed fedora @RagandBone)
1 flowy maxi skirt (solid color with an emphasis on flowy @seebychloe)
Undergarments & socks the amount of every day your traveling

That’s it. No trick, no extras, no hassle. Now go cruise your way to happiness!

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